Just wanted to quickly post about my new night-time reading set-up since I’m pretty happy with it, so far.

I hesitate to call this a scene, because when I think of a scene in the home automation context, I think of several entities getting set to a state by a single action trigger, and by that definition, this doesn’t really qualify-- but I’m hoping to change that eventually.

This really just consists of two devices:

- My bedside lamp (Philips Hue bulb)

- My e-reader

As I mentioned, this isn’t really much of a scene. I do have a button in Home Assistant that sets my Hue bulb to a low red colour, but the second piece of this I have to set separately.

You probably noticed in the attached image that the display on my ereader is inverted, this is a cool feature called ‘night mode’. For some reason, this feature doesn’t come stock on any e-ink e-readers as far as I know (though there might be some), but this can be added pretty easily to most major e-readers using a cool project called KoReader.

KoReader seems to support the major e-readers from what I can tell. It’s was dead simple to get from my factory Kobo settings to running KoReader just by following the instructions on their wiki.

It also looks like it is super developer friendly, so maybe one day down the line I’ll see if I can add a plugin which will allow me to turn on night mode and adjust the brightness via a home assistant automation!