Smart devices

Smart Home vs. Home Automation – What’s the difference?

Whether you’re researching smart bulbs or exploring the capabilities of your new voice assistant, you’ve probably encountered the terms Smart Home and Home Automation, and you’ve got yourself…

My Cats

Automatic Litterbox Notifications – Using an Home Assistant and Node Red with an external REST API

I set up a microservice to track the state of my cat’s litter box. This is how I use Home Assistant to interact with it via a REST API using the REST sensor and Node-RED’s HTTP request node.

Voice notifications for Home Assistant with Node-RED

I hired a dude who voices Nike commercials to tell me when my cat litter is full

So, recently I decided to step my game up with my audio notifications for my home automation setup. This post covers how I hired a guy who voices Nike commercials to voice my notifications and created reusable Node-RED flows to use them in Home Assistant.

Bed Occupancy Sensor guts

Making my dumb bed, smart – Home Assistant Bed Occupancy Sensor

I built a bed occupancy sensor to use in my Home Assistant home automation setup using an FSR and an ESP8266-based dev board that reports status over MQTT that I can use in my automations!

Smart Garbage part 1

Smart Garbage! pt 1 – Pattern for deferring service calls in Home Assistant

This post covers how I defer Home Assistant notifications until I get home and how to implement it with yaml automations. Part one of a series about a technology and concepts I use in the automations for my garbage bins.

Telegram keyboard and callbacks in Home Assistant with Node-RED

Last week I made this blog post describing how to use the Telegram inline keyboard and callback functions within Home Assistant. I posted the article to Reddit and…

Telegram Inline Keyboard

The simple guide to Telegram’s custom inline keyboard and telegram_callbacks in Home Assistant

Note: If you’d like to see how this is implemented with Node-RED instead, check this post. A while ago I made this post about creating an automation and…

Philips Hue Goal Light with Home Assistant

NHL goal light celebration with Home Assistant and Philips Hue

Ok, so here’s one of the automations that I think is pretty fun– my neighbours might disagree though. This is how I use Home Assistant to automatically trigger…

My Nighttime reading setup using Philips Hue and KoReader

Just wanted to quickly post about my new night-time reading set-up since I’m pretty happy with it, so far. I hesitate to call this a scene, because when…

Philips Hue natural sunrise alarm clock

Home Assistant Alarm Clock – Using Philips Hue for a full colour sunrise is the best way to wake up!

This is a new automation in my set-up, but it’s one I’m pretty happy with, not only because I think it’s a pretty cool effect, but for me,…